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This Company, Futurice

Futurice is a Finnish company developing online- and mobile software (Wikipedia.)  They had a blog post called “Programmer Proverbs” linked from Hacker News.  I initially ignored the “Proverbs”, which were text contained within images (I suspect this was done for some reason.  I also noticed the images has “screen-shot” in the file name.)  After clicking the “We’re hiring” link at the bottom of the page, two positions that I checked out were Data Scientist and Full Stack Web Developer.  To be a Data Scientist you should have experience applying advanced analytical methods, such as predicting consumer behaviour, data mining, machine learning, developing algorithms.  Googling “advanced analytical methods predicting consumer behavior” actually brings up a Scholarly articles section on top of the search results.  Scholarly articles is a Google search function.  Also, have experience with big-data technology such as Apache Hadoop, Spark, Impala, Hive, Pig, MapReduce.

With the Web Developer position, you should be able to connect to a REST API.  The Web Developer position links to a blog post that talks about the “5 steps to a great application.”  The gist of the post is, in regards to how to devise a job application, be sure to tell who you are, what gets you excited, and what your values are.  Don’t just put your skill, because you want a company that wants more than that.
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