This Book, The Girl On The Train

I’m writing this review about a week after finishing the book, so I’ve forgotten a little bit, but I really liked The Girl on the Train, although I thought the ending was a little too neat and tidy.  This was a quick, easy read, and good before bed or when on vacation.  I liked Rachel’s story of being depressed and addicted to alcohol from the failed attempt at pregnancy and being cheated on by her husband, Tom.  Those kind of stories I feel I can somewhat empathize.  I felt that the book was realistic, which I liked.  Unlike The Martian, which felt unrealistic, and not just the traveling the Mars and technology details, but the monologues and dialogues I do not believe would’ve ever happened.  I need to go see the Martian movie, and it looks like The Girl on the Train is now a movie that is scheduled to release in Fall 2016.  Although The Girl on the Train novel takes place in England, the movie was shot in New York City and White Plains, NY.


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